Welcome to Pings World !


I was going to chart my stationery-holicism on my other blog, but after much deliberation I’ve decided to keep them separate …

Pings&Needles is for my stitchy sewy journey … I don’t think it shares the same audience as all us stationery filo fiends, so I’ve set up Pings & Paper to keep the two worlds separate!

My aim here is to write about stuff and to voice my opinion.Ā  There may be bad words, there may be bad thoughts, but there will always, I hope, be a whole lotta stationery and a certain degree of humour.

Somewhere else is just one click away …


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Pings World !

  1. So excited you have a blog dedicated to your stationery pursuits! I watch your videos on youtube and love them but I am a blogger so am thrilled to follow you here as well. I’m addicted to journals and pens and stationery in general, as you can see from my blog. Looking forward to your posts! šŸ™‚

  2. Oooh. Yes please. My notebook-hoarding is now ridiculously out of control. My italic pentel quest is bankrupting me but I can’t help it. It is good to know you’re here. Squeakerama. šŸ­šŸ’ŒšŸ’ŒšŸ“šŸ““šŸ“˜.šŸ”–

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